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Women's Briefs (Ruthless Ninja)

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The Ruthless Ninja reminds us to stay on point and be ready for anything at any time. Even though we can't predict the future, we still prepare for what it might hold. Keep your head up and both feet ground. Keep a good attitude and you can weather any storm, even a ruthless ninja or two.

Fabric: 88% polyester 12% spandex 

Why polyester? Because it's a synthetic fibre that prides itself on durability. RareFormz polyester underwear has high strength, excellent resiliency, and wrinkle resistance. It's a quick-drying fibre that has shape retention. Polyester also holds colour brilliantly and looks great wash after wash.

This pair has double sided print.

The four-way stretch material is a polyester spandex blend, which means it's moisture wicking and flexible.  They don’t lose shape or ride up they do what there suppose to do look good and feel even better.  These silky smooth briefs will never crack or fade.  This awesome design is embedded into the fabric through a process that makes these boxers easy to care for and comfortable to wear...

The women's briefs are a bit smaller. Waist sizes are shown below.

Small - 22" - 23" waist

Medium - 24" - 25" waist

Large - 26" - 27"  waist

X-Large - 28"- 29" waist 

XX-Large - 31"- 32" waist