Get Ready For Snowboard/Skiing Season with RareForm

Get Ready For Snowboard/Skiing Season with RareForm

Get Ready For Snowboard/Skiing Season with RareForm - RareForm Underwear - Underwears Online

As Canadians, we don’t shy away from the harsh winters. We revel in them. Snowboarding season is finally upon us; that means it’s time to suit up and hit the slopes. Making sure that you layer properly is key to having a good time out there. Each person is different and will have different needs when it comes to keeping warm. But the universal rule is to make sure you have your three layers: protective, insulated, and base.

Protection Layer

This layer is the most obvious one that comes to mind when layering up for the slopes. This is the layer that protects you from snow, rain or wind and keeps you dry.  This guy does the work to make sure that none of those elemental factors get down to your next two layers. It’s hard for your insulating layer to keep you warm if it’s absorbing a layer of slush. That being said, a waterproof jacket shell is crucial to staying warm and comfortable while skiing and snowboarding.

Middle / Insulated Layer

So now you’ve got the wind and precipitation blocked out, but those sub-zero Canadian temperatures can still get through. Remember to stay insulated. This next layer is worn over your base and designed to retain heat by keeping air close to your body. Think of it as your personal temperature regulating. Make sure this is made of breathable material like polar fleece, pile fleece or down insulation.

Base Layer

Arguably the most important layer is the one closest to your skin. Base layers help regulate your body temperature by moving perspiration away from your skin, which will help keep your dry. A lightweight base is a crucial step in slope safety. It must be comfortable on the skin and designed to fit tighter. This allows for moisture wicking, effectively reducing the risk of dramatic swings in body temperature.

Traditionally, polypropylene materials have been worn by skiers and snowboarders for years. The texture is not always the most desirable, so polyester has become the more popular choice amongst skiers and boarders. This is where RareForm comes in. Our underwear feels like silk, but is actually a polyester spandex blend. They are everything you need in a base layer: moisture wicking and tight to the skin while remaining comfortable. They allow easy layering on top, so that you can stay safe from the elements while still having the flexibility to navigate the slopes. In the colder temperatures, try our Pajama Suit for more coverage with equal flexibility. Our suit is a mesh polyester blend, giving you breathability and comfort underneath your other gear.


Here at RareForm, we’ve got your back no matter the season. Follow these tips on layering to keep you warm and safe this winter. See you on the slopes!