About Rareform

Story of RareForm Underwear (now Rareform Style - a brand operated by PRODUCTSHARE) Herbon

RareForm Underwear Inc is a lifestyle design company launched in February 2014 by founder and Creative Director Ryan Fields. Soon Ryan’s collections will be recognized world wide for their originality, bravado and daring style. Eventually, his exclusive collections will be sold in retail locations across Canada, Australia and the United States. His collections will sport flossy Artwork inspired by Hip Hop culture. Being rare and unique these are premium underwear for those who love art , hip-hop , or any culture for that matter its street inspired art will will definitely stand out from the crowd . Being some of the rarest underwear on the market .

At RareForm Underwear Inc. we believe that men of a certain culture should wear Flossy Underwear. The men who wear our underwear tend to share the values of the global hip-hop culture. These values include diversity, creativity, self-expression and “making something from nothing”.

It is plain to see that standard issue white underwear is not flossy. In fact, we see white underwear as being clinical and not at all “showy”. Good underwear design is something you can show off! Good underwear design with Great Art is flossy!

What Ryan has to say about His flossy underwear?

“As the world runs around wearing the same old boring plain underwear, you have to find new ways to get excited about getting dressed. Look no further RareForm is here.”

In today’s rapidly growing hip hop culture; plain white underwear is a bitter pill to swallow. Even underwear in solid colors like blue, red or green is not considered showy enough by Ryan, not even with their branded waistbands. To be flossy Underwear needs more.

“I have had a passion for dance and art since I was a youth, my creativity Account has always been through the roof. My goal is to merge art with underwear whether its graffiti, airbrush, pastel, oil paint or graphic design. I want every design to be a RareForm of art , I call it flossy underwear , but I plan to put art from all cultures and connect with everyone on a visual level .

So what exactly is flossy underwear? We define it as being showy underwear for anyone who loves art. Underwear with embedded designs that reflect the color, themes, forms and images found in the hip hop culture, with designs as raw and authentic as the underground art that adorn the train yards and inner city urban streets world wide.

“We take immense pride in driving the industry standards forward, focusing on art, creativity and comfort. 

A Master Piece to Mask Your Piece”