Introducing RareForm Underwear’s New Mesh Suit!

Introducing RareForm Underwear’s New Mesh Suit!

Introducing RareForm Underwear’s New Mesh Suit! - Rareform Underwear - Underwear Online

Now we know that suits aren’t usually everyone’s cup of tea. But we’ve got a something that just may change that. You may not be wearing it to your girlfriend’s cousin’s winter wedding (although we’d love it if you did!), but you might just be wearing it everywhere else.

Crazy comfortable.

Our new Mesh Suit is a stylish two piece set. It is made of a 4-way stretch polyester mesh, making it ultra-smooth, breathable and quick drying. The entire suit was designed for maximum comfort, so every movement is a silky smooth one. But don’t condemn this incredible suit to just the bedroom or lazy Sunday mornings. The RareForm Mesh suit is amazingly comfortable before, during and after your daily routine.

Mad versatility.

When you choose the RareForm Mesh Suit you get more than just a set of pajamas. Try wearing it under your snowboarding gear this winter. Our suit has a hood which will keep your ears covered and will add a flexible layer to your favourite gear. And as always with our products, this suit is easy to care for and will not crack or tear over time. So ditch the bulky grey long johns and opt for our silky, stylish alternative.

Speaking of stylish, the Mesh Suit will be available in a variety of colours: red, yellow, blue, and black and white. So we’ve got you covered, whatever your preference.

Sounds awesome. When can I get it?

Mesh suits are available for pre-order now, November 1st, 2016! This offer is only available online through our website. Product will be shipped early 2017. That means you can get good use out of our suit while it’s still snowing. With the rising popularity of RareForm Underwear, get your order in right away to be one of the first to own this unique suit!