What Makes RareForm Underwear So Special?

What Makes RareForm Underwear So Special?

You're here on Ryan's site to check out RareForm Underwear, but what’s the big deal? Sure It looks dope, but there is so much more to this product. RareForms are made with both innovation and art in mind.


Working up a sweat while you’re working on a new routine? Now that you’ve found RareForm, you don’t have to worry about your underclothes any longer. This underwear is made of a four-way stretch polyester spandex blend, making them incredibly flexible and moisture wicking. They also keep their shape and won’t ride up, so the only high notes you’ll be hitting is with your style.

Those awesome designs aren’t going anywhere either; our underwear will not crack or fade. The designs themselves are embedded into the fabric through a process that makes these boxers easy to care for and comfortable to wear. The best part? Each pair of men’s RareForm Underwear has a hidden condom pocket. Keep it sexy and safe!


Now let’s talk a little bit about that artwork featured on every pair of RareForm. You’ll notice the references to all types of urban art from around the world. These designs aren’t a one-man show. RareForm has paired up with artists and musicians to inspire and create new images and themes. This is one of the ways that RareForm has chosen to represent and support the underground hip hop and b-boy community.

While you’re perusing RareForm, you will start running into the word “flossy.” What is flossy underwear? Put simply, it is showy underwear for anyone who loves art. Underwear with embedded designs that reflect the colour, themes, forms, and images found in the hip hop culture and with designs as raw and authentic as the underground art that adorn the train yards and inner city urban streets worldwide.

In summary, RareForm Underwear combines innovation and art in a new, unique way. So whatever your thing is, you can do it in comfort and style.