Party Animals

This idea came to Ryan at a music festival. As he looked around and saw all the crazy animal prints in the crowd. He then looked at his friends and thought...

They are a bunch of animals themselves . Next he started giving his friends animal characters. It started with a snake and the tiger. Thinking which friends would rock which prints. 

He then told one friend about his idea to do custom animal prints and give each one of his crew a full custom suit with their animal on it. 

He did this all in secret with only one friend so they could collab and he could consult him and help choose colors for different members of the crew (thanks T). He wanted this to be a surprise so they told no one and went to work.

After one year I'm getting the colors and custom animal prints designed he then started to lay them out on clothing. He now has 10 different prints with more coming. These are all custom made and will be guaranteed to turn heads.

Ryan is very proud to showcase and launch this amazing collection June 8th 2023 at Wicked Woods music festival....